About Us

As an established company, we are proud to offer key service in the Specialist Inspection Contractor for NDT and predictive maintenance in the O&G industry.

CHSB is involved in the supplying of specialized inspection tools/equipment and services, maintenance/ engineering services and physical asset management consultation services. In relates to project implementation, CHSB provides a complete set of services from the initial engineering design, construction, installation, commissioning and training.

CHSB strength depends on the experienced team and capable staffs who are continually seeking to equip themselves with ‘Cost Effective’ and ‘State of the Art’ technology to provide an extraordinary service hence making sure the continuous satisfaction of its customers.

CHSB’s ability to successfully manage the delivery of our commitments is embedded in our people, knowledge, processes, methodologies, best practices, tools and techniques. This is accomplished through the use of processes such as planning, executing, controlling and closing.

Whilst technical expertise is required in delivering the solutions, business and industry know-how is a plus factor to ascertain client requirements are met. The services and consultation provided are based on the 20 years of our consultants experience and expertise in various industries ranging from O&G, Power Generation, Mining, Railway to Semicon, Military and Aerospace.